• #038 Smärta Stickanen

    Involved since: August 2014

    Position: Jammer

    The best thing with derby: Overcoming your fears, growing into a stronger person both mentally and physically, and all the awesome people.

    Slogan: Beefcake! BEEFCAAAKE!!!

  • #1 Eerola

    Involved since: Oon pelannu vuodesta 2012

    Position: Blokkeri

    The best thing with derby: People

    Slogan: Defense wins championships

  • #11 Smäkki

    Involved since: Skating since 2012, with the Brawlers since 2014

    Position: Blocker, or whatever the coach tells you to be (within reason)

    The best thing with derby: Tactics and teamwork.

    Slogan: Hits don’t lie

  • #112 Dolores

    Involved since: February 2015

    Position: Wherever the ”big girls” put me

    The best thing with derby: I feel like E.T. who found home

    Slogan: If it requires pants, think twice!

  • #15 Emilinator

    Involved since: February 2015

    Position: Pivot/blocker

    The best thing with derby: Everything, impossible to choose only one thing.

    Slogan: Good is not enough if better is possible.

  • #17 PussiRaija

    Involved since: 2013

    Position: Blocker

    The best thing with derby: Constantly learning new things and challenging myself both physically and mentally. But the most important thing for me is the feeling of being accepted just the way I am.

    Slogan: I’m not here to make friends. I’m here to win.

  • #18 Holm

  • #2 Viikari

  • #27 Hiki Sorsa

    Involved since: Aloitin kun PRD perustettiin huhtikuussa -12.

    Positio: Pelaan blokkerina tällä hetkellä kakkospaikkaa radalla.

    Parasta derbyssä: On yhteisöllisyys ja hyväksyntä.

    Slogan: If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito.

  • #4 Zaiborg

  • #43 Fis Tauski

    Involved since: 2012, syksyllä

    Positio: Bloceri

    Parasta derbyssä: Hymyt

    Slogan: Kun käy tietä on tien vanki, vapaa on vain umpihanki.

  • #58 SotoHolic

    Involved since: 2012

    Position: Blocker

    The best thing with derby: Such a fun and demanding game

    Slogan: Mopar or no car

  • #59 Bettie

  • #68 El El Cool Jessie

    Involved since: 2012

    Position: Jammer

    The best thing with derby: Grrrl Power! Also that it’s so much fun and hard work at the same time.

    Slogan: “Minä ryskin, lennän ja uin.”

  • #75 Vulvarine

    Involved since: Aloittanut tammikuussa 2014

    Positio: Blocker

    Parasta derbyssä: Jokainen saa olla erilaine oma ihminen. Joukkuehenki omanlainen hullu perhe.

    Slogan: Only pleasure and pain

  • #785 K-Rex

  • #88 BoxerBabe

    Involved since: Elokuu / 2014

    Positio: Pelaaja

    Parasta derbyssä: Elämäntapa ❤️ toinen perhe.

    Slogan: Derby rulettaa ❤️???? PRD

  • #9 Kokkonen

  • #91 Heikkilä

    Involved since: August 2014

    Position: Blocker

    The best thing with derby: First you think that derby isn´t sport. When (pretty soon) you notice that it actually is some hardcore sport, it´s too late and you are addicted to it.

    Slogan: Slogan?! I just talk too much to be specific.

  • Bench Route Kill

    Involved since: Oon pelannut keväästä 2014 lähtien.

    Positio: Bench.

    Parasta derbyssä: On yhteenkuuluvuuden tunne oman joukkueen kanssa. Toivon, että joukkue pitää musta yhtä paljon ku mä niistä.

    Slogan: Pelaan juhliakseni.


  • Iskæ

    Involved since: September 2014

    Position: Head Non-Skating Official (since August 2015)

    The best thing with derby: You’ll never get bored with constantly meeting awesome people and doing awesome stuff with them

    Slogan: Always everything to the fullest #semperomnimaximum

  • SquiD

    Involved since: Co-founder of PRD with Käpsi

    Position: Trainer & referee

    The best thing with derby: Seeing the progression of Freshmeat up to the A-Team. The physical and mental challenge. The open-armed community, accepting diversity… All the big hearts

    Slogan: ”All different. All equal” and… ”Always buy SiD a beer” 😀