PRD is not just players, we also have amazing people doing NSOing and reffing! Here we bring you our very own Head NSO, Loviisa’s gift to derby community – Papa Beard!

1. What appeals to you in derby?
The intense games, the community and meeting new people, and working together to make stuff happen. Oh, and afterparties. Gotta have afterparties.

2. Your best derby-related memory?
When I was HNSOing my first bout in Porvoo and everything was falling into pieces. Cancellations, last moment surprises, technical difficulties (”Like… is this laptop even compatible?”), you name it. But because I was working with awesome people who know what they’re doing, we got it all sorted out by first whistle. A minute before or so. Hardly any bricks shat.

3. Any words of wisdom?
I’m still sooo in the learning, but I know this: Tournament day, got a minute? COFFEE. Got two? EAT.

4. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pasta carbonara.

5. In case of fire, what would you save first?
Me, myself and I. All three of us.

6. I like chocolate, what’s sweet to you?
OMG me too!! Chocolate in all its forms As I see it, I don’t eat candy, I eat chocolate.

7. Video killed the radio star? I don’t think so! What’s playing on YOUR stereo?
Oh everything… Rise Against, Sigur Rós, Viikate, Gemini, Scandinavian Music Group, Kent, Eleonoora Rosenholm, Depeche Mode, Regina Spektor, Shiny Toy Guns… I just can’t with playlists, usually I just click shuffle and let come what may.

8. How many NSOs does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
Eleven + Alt. We do everything as a team, no soloing.

9. When did you get involved in roller derby?
September 2014.

10. Does your derby name Papa Beard have a deeper meaning?
Well, not really. I got the nickname ”Iskä” several years ago. It started as a kind of joke in this core group of old friends, but it suddenly spread everywhere (my hometown is _this_ small ) and now pretty much everyone knows me as Iskä (”Thomas who?”). I thought of Papa Bear as a derby name at first, but then added a ’d’ for a little play of words.