First up on our web page for player of the month is Route Kill #66, whose game face looks like she’s possessed by the devil but really she is full of love. And hate.

Interview by Heikkilä, photo by Krister Halttunen.

1. What appeals to you in derby?
People. I hate sports and most of the people I’ve met, but people involved in derby are awweesoomz.

2. Your best derby-related memory?

Hmm. I play to party so it’s Kissaristeily.

3. What song really get’s you goin’ on bout day?

Die Antwoord- Pitbull terrier

4. Do you have a pregame ritual?

Not really, I’m way too nervous and shit a lot.

5. In case of fire, what would you save first?
My cats, Surku and Isä Mitro 

6. If you were a hamburger, what ingredient would you be and why? 

Mayo. I love mayo.

7. How many referees does it take to screw in a light bulb?

I don’t know. Let it be dark. 666

8. Would you rather be hit in the face by a elbow with the elbowpad on or without?

With, because then the impact area would be larger and less painful. Maybe.

9. What car would you be if you could choose?

Black Pontiac Trans Am -77, but I would not have Smokey and the Bandit-stickers/paints in me. I think they would ruin me.

10. Any words of wisdom?

No, not really.