Player of the Month is Vulvarine #75!! This August child is handy and creative, but also strong, fearless and independent. Watch out – she can tear you into pieces like a lion when you least expect it! Interview by Road Kill, picture by Krister Halttunen.

1. What appeals to you in derby?
Challenging yourself, team, people. Afterparty. Many things.

2. Your best derby-related memory?
Not saying any names, but when I hitted one jammer out. Hard.

3. Is punk really dead?
I dont know,mayby its sleeping in coma and waiting to rise again.

4. What car would you be if you could choose?
Absolutely Dodge Challenger from 1971

5. In case of fire, what would you save first?
My 5 cats. And my 1992 Dr Martens.

6. Best characteristic of Porvoo?
PRD. And old town.

7. Video killed the radio star? I don’t think so! What’s playing on YOUR stereo?
Rock, metal, triphop, stoner rock, classical, progressive metal, blues, soul, funk.. everything good. Not many finnish artist thou..

8. When did you start playing roller derby?
January 2014. I was alone on ftp, it was exciting and intimidating at same time.

9. Do you have a pregame ritual?
Yes, I try to eat and drink something reasonably. Concentrating. Waiting for to unleash the beast.

10. Does your player number have a meaning?
Yep, it’s my birth year. Yep, I’m old.