Player of the Month in this cold January is hotter that hot #5 Bulls hit! So you thought you were fearless on the track? You will shit your pants when you see Bulls hit blocking your way!!! Interview by Smärta, pic by Krister Halttunen.

1. What appeals to you in derby?
Overcoming yourself. Being with other people without having to smalltalk.

2. Your best derby-related memory?
Smiles and glances (katseita tarkoitan), warmth and unity.

3. If you were a hamburger, what ingredient would you be and why?
Secret ingredient.

4. Bon Jovi or Bon Jouni?
Bon voyage. ”Aina ku mä hyppään ja pääsen siihen hyppyrin nokalle, niin mulle tulee sellanen bon voyage -tunne, siis että mä oon kokenu tän joskus aikasemminkin.” M. Nykänen.

5. In case of fire, what would you save first?

6. I like chocolate, what’s sweet to you?
Salty skin.

7. Video killed the radio star? I don’t think so! What’s playing on YOUR stereo?
No. Radio Nostalgia.

8. When did you start playing roller derby?
August 2014.

9. Would you rather be hit in the face by a elbow with the elbowpad on or without?

10. Does your player number have a meaning?
I’m a fan of Fis Tauski. And there’s five fingers in a fist.