Right before divari we want to introduce one of our newest team members who also happens to be one of our secret weapons on the track. She will emilinate you! She is Emilinaattori, #15!!!

1. What appeals to you in derby?
Everything! All the awsome people involved, training hard and the feeling when you suddenly notice you can do something you never thought you could!

2. Your best derby-related memory?
Ou, can’t pick just one. This whole year has been full of amazing things.

3. If you were a hamburger, what ingredient would you be and why?
The whole burger! I like burgers.

4. Bon Jovi or Bon Jouni?
Whoot? Bonjour! I don’t like Bon Jovi.

5. In case of fire, what would you save first?
My 2 dogs and all my photos.

6. I like chocolate, what’s sweet to you?
Uuu, I like everything sweet.

7. Video killed the radio star? I don’t think so! What’s playing on YOUR stereo?
I only listen to music in the car, and always have the radio on there so I listen to almost everything.

8. When did you start playing roller derby?
In february 2015.

9. Would you rather be hit in the face by a elbow with the elbowpad on or without?
Without, the bare skin doesn’t scratch.

10. Does your player number have a meaning?
Yeah, it’s my birthday and my ”lucky” number.